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”It’s not true we are taking different paths. You are my path. You’ve always been my path, and you will always be.”

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N → nice try…but no
"It’s the age of celebrity. It’s the age of social media. But for we old school girls who don’t want to show up at every single event just ‘cause… I don’t tweet–I have nothing to say. I’m not on Facebook. I mean it sounds like I have plenty to say, but that’s to people who I’m in a room with. I’m not that interesting, and the rest is none of your business." - Gina Torres

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 Endless List Of Favorite Characters:  

( Bela Talbot - Supernatural )
Photo 22 Apr Never ending sky

Never ending sky

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Photo 21 Apr 1 note And my “background noise” while studying….

And my “background noise” while studying….

Photo 21 Apr 2 notes How I cook for me and my husband when it’s time for finals…..

How I cook for me and my husband when it’s time for finals…..

Text 21 Apr Horse girl problems.

I just made the “click click” noise at my printer at work because it was going to slow…..

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